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Design for Generations, LLC goal is to encourage the interaction between people and nature through the creation of therapeutic outdoor environments.

Do you find yourself asking…

  • “How do I update my garden?”
  • “Why aren’t people using the garden?”
  • “Is my garden really therapeutic?”
  • “How can I get more hummingbirds and butterflies into the garden?”
  • “How do I maintain the garden?”

If you find yourself asking these questions – you are in need of a professional evaluation of your garden.

Jack Carman, FASLA will meet with you to review and create a plan to revitalize your existing garden. For more information on how to make your garden work for you, visit the contact page.

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Some Services We Offer…

Are you considering the creation and development of a garden and asking how do you get started? The question may arise as to why it is important to enlist the services of a designer who is an expert in specialized garden designs?
What are the various types of garden? What distinguishes a Therapeutic Garden from ordinary gardens?
Is the garden being used to its full potential? How can I get people to use the garden more fully?
How can I teach elders, care partners and others to use the Therapeutic Garden? How do you get people involved in the garden?