Creating Restorative Gardens, Healing Gardens and Therapeutic Landscapes
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Design for Generations, LLC goal is to encourage the interaction between people and nature through the creation of therapeutic outdoor environments.

Do you find yourself asking…

  • “How do I update my garden?”
  • “Why aren’t people using the garden?”
  • “Is my garden really therapeutic?”
  • “How can I get more hummingbirds and butterflies into the garden?”
  • “How do I maintain the garden?”

If you find yourself asking these questions – you are in need of a professional evaluation of your garden.

Jack Carman, FASLA will meet with you to review and create a plan to revitalize your existing garden. For more information on how to make your garden work for you, visit the contact page.

NJASLA Conference in Atlantic City on Jan. 26th

Jack will be co-presenting at the NJASLA Conference in Atlantic City on Jan. 26th. Jack, Missy Benson and Carol Krawczyk will be speaking about “The Benefits of Nature – Are we becoming an indoor culture.”The session will address what the future of outdoor recreation will be like in a world that is increasingly becoming sedentary, revolving around technological devices such as “smart” phones, computers, X-boxes, etc. The presentation will highlight current research findings that discuss why outdoor recreation is critically important for people today. The three presenters will show how landscape architects are becoming increasingly involved in the research, design and evaluation of environments that support outdoor activities and demonstrate, through built examples, how natural settings and designed landscapes enhance peoples’ health and well-being.

Gold Winner – Therapy Garden at Merwick Care & Rehabilitation Center

Vendome Group, in conjunction with The Center for Health Design (CHD) and The Society for the Advancement of Gerontological Environments (SAGE), announces the winners of its new awards program—The Landscape Architecture Awards for Healthcare Environments.

Some Services We Offer…

Are you considering the creation and development of a garden and asking how do you get started? The question may arise as to why it is important to enlist the services of a designer who is an expert in specialized garden designs?
What are the various types of garden? What distinguishes a Therapeutic Garden from ordinary gardens?
Is the garden being used to its full potential? How can I get people to use the garden more fully?
How can I teach elders, care partners and others to use the Therapeutic Garden? How do you get people involved in the garden?

Recent News and Interesting Information

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The restorative powers of nature – at home

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Window Farms – Indoor Therapeutic Gardens

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Gardens for Therapy and Culinary UsesGardens for Therapy and Culinary Uses
Gardens for Therapy and Culinary Uses

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