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How do I know if the garden is ‘working’?

There are clues to show that the garden is successful.  The garden furniture is moved about as people create their own areas to sit and socialize. People asking how to grow specific plants. Plants are used for meals and in various activities within the community. One part of the garden looks ‘well-used’.

Observations are conducted within the existing garden in order to evaluate the positive and negative aspects of the garden setting.  The collection of information typically involves observation and interviews with the users of the garden.  The manner in which the garden is used includes frequency of use; areas of the garden that are visited and those that are ignored; and the way in which the garden is used for activities and programs.  The garden is just as important as any other interior room and should be utilized to it’s full potential.  We can help you assess your current gardens and help you improve their use and enjoyment.

Maintenance of the garden is essential for the long-term success of the garden.  Knowing how and when to prune the trees, shrubs and perennials is critical. Repairing garden furniture and garden elements helps the garden to remain safe and tells people the garden is cared for. Removing any potential tripping hazards keeps the garden safe for all users. These and other aspects of maintaining a therapy garden is vitally important.