Creating Restorative Gardens, Healing Gardens and Therapeutic Landscapes
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Are you considering the creation and development of a garden and asking how do you get started?

Therapeutic and healthcare design – This is the creation of outdoor garden areas that have been specifically designed to meet the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of the people who will use the garden.  In healthcare and senior residential settings, this includes the patients and/or residents using the garden as well as staff members, caregivers and family members.

Age-in-place planning and design – This is the development of outdoor environments for current elders as well as the 78 million Baby Boomers who want to be able to continue to live in their communities.  Communities need to be redesigned to enable elders to remain independent, active and involved. Communities planning for the coming Age Wave will be well positioned to offer this unique cohort optimal quality of life.

The question may arise as to why it is important to enlist the services of a designer who is an expert in specialized garden designs? Therapeutic Gardens are specifically designed to meet the needs of the individuals using the garden.  Understanding these needs is important to the success of the garden and maximizing it’s potential use and enjoyment.

Why should a Landscape Architect be involved from the beginning?

Landscape Architects are knowledgeable in helping locate a building and for selecting the best exposure. Grading of the property will affect the use of the overall site for walking paths bike trails, etc. as well as for vehicles. Protecting exiting trees and other plant should be determined before any construction begins. These and other considerations are critical to the success of the garden and the use of the site.