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Meadowood Senior Living, Worcester, PA

The Stratton Courtyard Garden is centrally located within the recreation, healthcare, rehab and independent living areas of Meadowood Senior Living. The addition of an indoor pool and expansion of the Rehab Gym were the catalyst for exploring renovations to the central courtyard garden.

The new indoor pool has “Nano-wall” that opens directly onto the patio and a fire pit. The patio is framed by a waterfall that flows into a stream with a pond. Porous rubber walking paths connect the patio to the Rehab Garden and the Skilled Nursing Garden areas.  Off of the Recreation Room is a canopy covered outdoor patio that can be used for exercise classes as well as special events.  The Recreation Patio also contains an large outdoor kitchen. Other amenities include, outdoor speakers for use during exercise classes and special events; decorative low-voltage lights that  illuminate the walking paths and a garden for the chefs to grow fresh herbs to garnish resident meals.

See the article about Stormwater Retention and the use of permeable pavement here.
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Meadowood Senior Living, Worcester, PA

The reason we moved to Meadowood was because of the gardens. — New residents of Meadowood CCRC