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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! A byproduct of the “back to school” season that represents a fresh start for our society’s children and their parents, many Americans [Read More…]

How to Feel a Little Cooler in August

This month, shift your focus to air movement within your therapeutic garden. Perception is reality; with air movement create the perception of a cooler, outdoor oasis – despite these hot, muggy August days.

Older Adults Respond Positively and Strongly to Smelling and Tasting Mint

Evoke a sense of nostalgia and spur older adults to feel happiness and joy with the addition of one simple plant to your therapeutic garden this July. Researchers in the Netherlands recently found that older adults respond positively and strongly to smelling and tasting mint.

Accessibility for All

Implementing universal design elements into your therapeutic garden helps to ensure that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy the calming effect, creative outlet and sense of accomplishment that gardening offers.

Enhancing wellness: Maximize use of indoor / outdoor environments

By thinking creatively and making some simple changes, organizations can boost health and wellness benefits for their constituents.

Plant Natural Insect Repellents

In many places, mid-May signals the beginning of planting season. The scent of lilacs and honeysuckle perfume the air and seedlings eagerly push through the [Read More…]

Uncle Sam Says Garden

Produced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as a propaganda item for World War I, posters urging, “Uncle Sam says garden to cut food costs” [Read More…]

Are Therapeutic Gardens Safe?

03/16/2017 – Jared Green Among hospital administrators, there seems to be a growing concern that therapeutic gardens can harbor diseases and spread them to those [Read More…]

Robins: Springtime Jokesters

Leverage the iconic sounding happy chirps of the American robin this March to improve the physical and emotional wellbeing of older adults in your care. [Read More…]