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Plant Care

For optimal health, humans are frequently told, “Listen to your body.” Apply this adage outward and listen to your plants to maximize their health and [Read More…]

Minimize Costs While Maximizing Your Garden

Summer budgets can be a bit tight for many people and organizations. Even with that reality, you can experience a garden of abundance this season. [Read More…]

Celebrating May in the Garden

Between Mother’s Day, Nurses’ Week and Teacher Appreciation Week, in May we celebrate nurturers and the act itself of nurturing.

Elements of a Residential Therapy Garden

Learn how to bring home the om. As interest in outdoor spaces that can help heal and satisfy physical, emotional, and spiritual needs expands, make sure you understand the mix of features that make up these restful, inspirational oases.

Earth Day

Leverage the coincidence that the reawakening of your garden occurs during the month in which Earth Day falls. Typically when we make decisions regarding our [Read More…]

Tranquility Garden Offers Outdoor Respite for Elderly Catholic Sisters

  by David Aquilina, Strategic Storyteller “Research confirms what we know from experience. Spending time outdoors, getting fresh air, and enjoying natural beauty improve health [Read More…]

Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring

Early signs of spring abound. Robins are beginning to return; bulbs beginning to burst through the ground. But the nights and some days still hold [Read More…]


It behooves the older adults in your life for you to embrace a cheery, “Rise and shine!” approach to your therapeutic landscape garden this February. [Read More…]

Beyond a Bouquet: 4 Gardening Gifts

Garden-themed presents help to give the gift of good health to older adults. Encouraging engagement with gardens nudges older adults to maintain social connections, while [Read More…]