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Forest Side Memory Care – Rock Creek Park, Washington DC

Forest Side Memory Care is located near Rock Creek Park in Washington, DC. It provides a home-like environment where residents can enjoy activities and programs regardless of their cognitive ability. The centrally located multi-purpose room leads out to a covered porch and a strolling garden area. A convenient patio area includes umbrella covered tables and chairs. Birdfeeders are visible from areas within the garden as well as from inside the residence. The raised planters provide opportunities for horticultural therapy activities. Walking paths look out onto a serene, wooded hillside. The garden area is enclosed with a non-climbable decorative fence.

Residents at Forest Side Memory Care are involved in a variety of programs, many of which take place within the Memory Care Garden. Music and arts programs, afternoon tea and walking in the garden are just some of the many activities. A variety of flowering perennials contribute to the fresh cut bouquets that bring the beauty of the garden inside the residence. The herbs growing along the walking paths are utilized in activities that take place in the garden, or inside the residence. The garden provides exercise, stimulation and helps maintain a connection to the world for residents with cognitive impairments.

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