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Love Hormones for Health

Love hormones dopamine and serotonin are for more than just inducing feelings of romantic love. In the adult care setting, leveraging your therapeutic garden to [Read More…]

Leverage Sun to Avoid SAD

By the time mid-January rolls around, we’ve boxed away the last decorative remnants of the holiday season, and yet we still have two more months [Read More…]

Presence as Presents

As we reflect on the year that is nearing completion and begin to look forward the new year just ahead, many people are moved to give gifts to those around them. These gifts represent gratitude and kinship. They give nod to our relationships, acknowledging the importance of those around us.

Leaves of Change

With the change of season and the holidays emerging, many find that November induces a natural contemplative state of gratitude. People begin to reflect on [Read More…]

The Outdoor Room: A Rx for wellness

By Jack Carman, FASLA, RLA and Nancy Carman, MA, CMC / Blueprints for Senior Living newsletter, October 2016 It is a well-known fact that spending [Read More…]

Brighten October Nights

The twinkling and soft glow of lighting in your therapeutic garden extends its use into these autumn months, when the dark of night begins to [Read More…]

Affordable Senior Housing Opens in Philly

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s latest housing facility in East Kensington offers senior-friendly apartments designed by Cecil Baker + Partners.

JASA Celebrates Revitalization

Excerpt from article in The Wave… Jack Carman, a New Jersey State Licensed Landscape Architect, designs therapeutic outdoor environments that include JASA’s on Beach 19th [Read More…]

Care Recipients as Caregivers

This season, allow the tables to turn and present opportunities for older adults to serve as caregivers, instead of simply care recipients. With guidance, older adults of varying abilities can once again feel the sense of purpose and confidence that accompanies doting on living things within your therapeutic garden.