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Brighten October Nights


The twinkling and soft glow of lighting in your therapeutic garden extends its use into these autumn months, when the dark of night begins to settle in earlier each day.


Casting light onto walking trails, or illuminating focal point elements of the garden such as ornamental trees or rocks, transforms your garden into a sought-after destination, even after the moon rises. White mini lights, paper lanterns and mini uplighters all throw soft lighting, without casting unwanted glares into living quarters.

the-sensory-garden-in-the-eveningLighting serves as a safety function as well, inviting your night shift workers or older adults who can’t sleep to step outside — carefully — to seek silence and tranquility in the refreshing night air. Additionally, lighting announces the presence of your garden, lending curb appeal in the eyes of nighttime visitors.

Using low voltage lighting that is residential, not commercial, will help to soften the atmosphere of your garden. The goal here is to increase the garden’s accessibility and safety, without installing light fixtures that shift the feel of your garden into that of a public park.

Using low voltage, residential lighting helps to soften the atmosphere of your garden. Steer clear of commercial lighting, for these light fixtures can shift the feel of your garden from a serene ambiance to that of a public park.

As we head into Halloween, and with the holiday season around the corner, consider setting a festive mood with seasonal lighting. Group pumpkins together on a patio table and surround them with orange mini lights to keep the Halloween spirit alive into the night. Adorn evergreen trees with glistening white lights to remind older adults of the Christmases of their youth. In spring, chili pepper lights under a canopy or pergola add an unexpected spice to Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Each season provides endless opportunity to incorporate lighting in your garden.

After all, light transforms your space and, with it, the usability of your garden and the mood of those who visit it.

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