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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! A byproduct of the “back to school” season that represents a fresh start for our society’s children and their parents, many Americans consider September to be a second “new year” of sorts. Extend this sentiment to your approach to your therapeutic garden.

September is the perfect time to reboot by planting fall crops to extend the life of your garden. Doing so will make you feel as if you are reaping the benefits of a second summer. In many climates across the United States, September is prime time to plant lettuce, arugula, spinach, swiss chard and kale.

Fall greens also taste sweeter than their summer cousins. Mother Nature spurs plants to produce sugars when the temperature begins to drop, to protect itself against freezing. (Sugar water freezes at a lower temperature than plain water.)

Some of these fall plants, particularly spinach and lettuce, will even continue to mature through the winter, leading to an early spring crop to harvest, as well.

President of Design for Generations Jack Carman offers this common sense, insider tip when planning fall gardens, “Although so many vegetables and other plants thrive throughout the fall season, it can be hard to find seeds in stores this time of year. Next year, stock up on seed packets in the spring and hold onto them until September.”

Ripping out faded summer plants and reinvigorating your garden in September will provide an updated, fresh space for older adults, their families, and your employees to enjoy. Gardens, fresh air and sunshine are for more than just the spring and summer months.

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