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Paw Paw Fruit

This is paw paw season.  The fruit is native to the US and grows wild in the eastern half of the country.  It can be found along river banks and other areas in the wild.  However, it is becoming more common.  The paw paw fruit is being grown commercially and can be found in some famers markets.  It has a tropical mango-like flavor and can be used in a variety of ways, from fruit smoothies, pies, ice cream to even beer..

The good news is that you can grow this fruit in your garden.  The paw paw tree (Asimina triloba) is a small tree that prefers well-drained soil.  It has large leaves and fruit and  is considered an understory tree.  It has few pests that bother the tree so it can be considered a low maintenance tree.  It is best to buy container grown trees because the plant does not transplant well as a bare root methods.

Paw Paw Fruit

Fun plants to add to your garden

This is a tree to grow in your yard.  Because the fruit ripens quickly, it has  a short shelf life.  Growing the fruit in your yard makes it easy to harvest and eat when it ripens.  The season is typically from Sept. to Oct.  The paw paw fruit will definitely help create conversation and it should be a tree to consider adding to the garden.

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