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The therapeutic benefits of seeing plants as more than just a green


We all too often take nature – more specifically – plants for granted. There is a research study that examines the causes of ‘plant blindness’. many people just see evergreens and deciduous trees.

Some botanists are helping people to look closer at the natural world around us. A You Tube serires looks at the ways plants positively influence our lives –

A recent article by Virginia A. Smith in the Phil. Inquirer “Botanists Battle Plant Blindness with Seeds of Knowledge” highlights the fact that plants are an integral part of our survival.

This is one aspect of how plants and nature in general influences our lives on a daily basis.  Stop for a minutes, wherever you are, and focus on the natural world

Vertical planters

Vertical planters

Places to sit and relax

Places to sit and relax


Relaxing sound of water

around you.  This could be on your way to work, during a lunch time stroll with friends or maybe walking the god.  Wherever you are – take a closer look at nature.  It will help reduce stress and improve your health.  A nice side benefit!



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