Creating Restorative Gardens, Healing Gardens and Therapeutic Landscapes
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How can I teach elders, care partners and others to use the Therapeutic Garden?

Hands on demonstration are an effective way to get everyone involved and to teach the basics of gardening.

How do you get people involved in the garden?

Sharing and learning from each other is a friendly and non-threatening way to get people involved.  Starting with simple tasks and being successful is a great way to build confidence and help people feel good about being involved.

Public presentations –

Presentation of information related to the design and development of gardens can be beneficial in gaining support of a project.  These public discussions can be helpful in educating the public on the merits and health benefits of specifically designed outdoor environments for various user groups.  Visual presentations typically include power point lectures and rendered plans of the gardens to groups, including but not limited to, municipal planning boards, government agencies and homeowner associations.

Design charrette –

This is a collaborative session in which a group of individuals drafts a solution to a problem. While the structure of a charrette varies, depending on the topic and the individuals in the group, a charrette often take place in one or more sessions in which the group divides into sub-groups. Each sub-group then presents its work to the full group as material for discussion and decision making.  A charrette serves as a way of quickly generating a design solution while integrating the knowledge, values and interests of a broad group of people.