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Everyone loves the garden - residents, staff and family. The residents go outside often. They do bird watching. It is a lovely outdoor area for them to enjoy nature. The garden gives residents a chance to do things. It is a very nurturing environment.

Staff Member Brandermill Woods Healthcare Center, Richmond, VA January 12, 2014

The Chapel and Adult Day Therapy Gardens continue to be places to live! In fact, we are having a board meeting here tomorrow and are having the r reception in the Chapel Garden so we can enjoy.

Michelle Bieszczad - Administrator St. John Newmann Nursing Home January 12, 2014

You really do great work! The River Garden at the Atrium in Red Bank is wonderful.

Al Diefert - Principal FCM Consulting Group, LLC January 12, 2014

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I believe the garden is a wonderful natural medicine, rather than all of the other medicines we have today. There are families who would bring their loved one outside to see our garden. So, I would give them a tomato or a cucumber. It transforms them. They almost cried. That person remembers their visit to the garden. Last year (2005) we raised 700 tomatoes from 32 plants. I just kept picking and picking and got lots of fruit for our salad bar.

Leo Molinaro - Resident Stapeley at Germantown January 12, 2014

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The garden totally changes what happens with a person with Alzheimer’s disease. The garden is a soothing and calming place for people. We get the family the family to bring their loved one who has Dementia outside - everyone relaxes. The garden works for people who are agitated. One couple comes out to the garden everyday. The husband has dementia. They share time in the garden together. The residents use the herbs that are grown in the garden to make crafts and other activities.

Kathy Schnurr - Director of Activities, CTRS, ATRA Virtua Health and Rehabilitation January 12, 2014

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No Adult Day Center should be without the garden. The garden added another dimension to the Center. The garden extended the care of the people by offering unique activities and programs. The garden is a tangible asset. It is marketable and something that sets the Center apart. You have to have something that people are interested in. People with Alzheimer’s can get bored easily. Creating a home-like atmosphere with activities from the home is essential. The garden offered those familiar elements. The garden takes them back to their past. These are enjoyable experiences.

Nancy Fiedler - former administrator Promise Alternative Day Care January 12, 2014

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A Labyrinth is an archetypal design etched into the earth. It is a path, symbolic of the many journeys we take in our lifetime, The labyrinth is a place for prayer, reflection, relaxation and the contemplation of the sacred mysteries of life.

Rev. Dr. Thomas G. Sinnott Heron Point Continue Care Retirement Community January 12, 2014

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The Therapy Garden which you designed blossomed to life this year and has exceeded all expectations. We at Merwick are so excited about utilizing it for our residents for a full season cycle now that it is complete – from early spring planting and on. It will be something truly special for all members of the Merwick family.

Joshua Jacobs - Administrator Windsor Healthcare Communities January 12, 2014